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Job Application – Waste Of Time

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Today I applied for the position of a Director of IT Infrastructure and Operations with an organization in the Midwest. The job was posted on Monster and when applying I was redirected to the organizations web site. The website used Taleo as application tool. I filled out a fairly lengthy application that included several questions that had to be answered by writing somewhat of a small essay. I guess it took me about 40 minutes to complete the application.

When I was finished and I clicked the SEND button right away I was redirected to a site that gave me the following answer, which btw I also received as an email less than a minute later:

Dear Oliver,
Dear Oliver, Thank you for your interest in the Director, Infrastructure and Operations position with "Company Name". We appreciate the opportunity to review your qualifications and after consideration we have decided to pursue other candidates. Although you are not being considered further for this position, we encourage you to seek out future job opportunities with "Company Name" at Again, thank you for considering employment at "Company Name". We wish you success in your continued career search. Sincerely, Company Name Human Resources

I consider this impolite  40 minutes of my time wasted.

The letter stated that they reviewed my application and after consideration decided on somebody else.

This statement is one BIG LIE. Since I received this answer within seconds of submitting the application, they never even read the application.

I can appreciate that this position may have already been filled, but then please say so and don’t lie. In addition, since the position most likely has been already filled, why make somebody go through the pain to fill out a fairly lengthy online application form and questionnaire? Why not tell people right upfront: “Sorry, the position has already been filled.”?

Secondly, why is the position still on the job boards if it has been filled. How about cancelling the posting.


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Experienced IT executive with over 20 years of global experience and demonstrated success in driving IT value, business and IT, reducing overall costs, and quickly executing and delivering business solutions. Member of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)

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