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Students Paid For Good Grades

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This subject came already up a few times in the news media. Should kids be paid to get good grades?

Today I saw a post on Twitter, claiming that 50% of parents say children should not get paid for good grades.

What is so wrong with this? Maybe it is not so much the concept of paying for good grades, but rather who is paying andCoin Jar the amount. I heard at one time that kids will be paid by public school funds and this is where I see the issue.

I recall, when I was a kid my dad paid me an extra allowance every time I brought a certain grade or better.  I don’t recall anymore the amount, but I also know that my weekly allowance was not very high. But every good grade would raise my allowance for this week.

I am against using public founds, but to make the parents responsible for it. At least this way parents care more and the kids appreciate it more.

Also, this method should not be used at all times. If a kid is already good in a certain area, there is no sense or need to reward good grades. I recall I was good in chemistry and biology, but sucked in math and physics. So when ever I brought home a good grade in one of the areas I was challenged, my dad rewarded me with either a one time increase in allowance or maybe allowed me to stay up longer one night to watch a certain movie or show.

Yes you heard right. Staying up longer. For a long time my bed time was 8pm (I think until I was 12) then it increased to 9pm until I was 15 and 10pm on Saturday nights. No Friday, since Saturday was a school-day.

These are my thought on this subject. Feel free to comment and discuss.


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