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The results of the Iran election cause more and more international turbulence. People are trying to show their support by turning ‘Avatars’ on Twitter and Facebook green and by voicing their thoughts and opinions. But how many of these followers of this new euphoric movement really know what they are supporting or what they trying to fight? I make any bet probably not even a fraction. People just jump on a bandwagon because everybody does it or follow the crowd, like  “Thousand do it, so it must be right.”

Has anybody ever tried to really educate themselves about the culture, the religion and the believes of the Iranian people. Why do “western” cultures think that only what they are doing is right and for the good of all. Why is it our business what is going on in the Iran and the outcome of the election?

Where have all these so-called supporters been during t he 2000 presidential election in the USA?

How would we have reacted if other nations tried to intervene and influence the outcome of our elections? Yes, we would have told them: “Stay out of it. This is none of your business. We can take care of this ourselves.”

So why do we think we have to intervene in Iran’s internal business. Who can tell that Mousavi is better than Ahmadinejad? Do we know really enough to make that decision. During his time as prime minister Mousavi in the 1980’s, he executed thousands of people. It seems like everybody has forgotten this already. Mousavi has a political conservative past. Most of Mousavi’s supporters rallying for him today were just born when he came in power, and have no memories of Mousavi’s policies.

In 1988, Mousavi called Israel “a cancerous tumor.”  In 1987, he attacked America as “the great satan.”  He’s also called for author Salman Rushdie to be killed, branding him “a tool of zionists against Islam.”


According to a 2007 IAEA report, Mousavi also played a lead role in establishing Iran’s controversial nuclear program.  He continues to support that nuke program today, and has yet to retract any of his past statements about America or Israel


The decision has been made by the Ayatollah and the current government that Ahmadinejad is the old and new president of Iran. Let us just accept this and let us concentrate over the next 4 years to support the Iranian people to be able to elect a new and hopefully more liberal president.  But should the Iranian people decide to start a revolution, let them do it on their own. Who are we to determine which side is the better side. As long the Iranian leader does not clearly threaten any of the ‘Western” cultures or any other country, it is nobodies business except their own.

For clarification:

  • I support a free and democratic Iran but I do not support Ahmadinejad or Mousavi.
  • I support that the Iranian people fight for their believes and their cause but I do not support any violence and killings for or against this cause.
  • I support that the Iranian people can live free based on their believes, culture and religion but I do not support any foreign interference with Iran’s politic and internal business.

Some links to read up on Ahmadinejad, Mousavi and the Iranian (Persian) culture are:


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