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Unethical interview behavior?

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Last night, while visiting one of my good friends, I learned a somewhat disturbing story about the interview practices of some recruiting firms.

My friend was invited by a recruiting firm to appear for a personal interview for a position in credit management.

When he arrived at the recruiter, there was another person already waiting to be interviewed for the same position. They said “hello” to each other but nothing more.

After a few minutes the recruiter appears. She is telling my friend and the lady that will today do the interview somewhat different than usual and that she would interview both people simulteanously, in the presence of each other. My friend was somewhat surprised about this practice, but decided to wait and see.

All three of them proceeded into the recruiters office and sat down. The recruiter started out with the other person asking her all kind of questions. Some of these questions were kind of personal and my friend started to get uncomfortable about this situation and as he told me the person that was asked this question seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable to reveal the information in front of a completely stranger.

At this point my friend interrupted the recruiter and proceeded to tell her that this type of interview practice is completely unethical and that he will not be part of it. He then said good bye, whished the other person good luck and left the interview.

He then tried to find somebody he could complain to about this interview practice, but was not able or allowed to talk to anybody else.

My questions now:

  1. Is this type of interview practice even legal?
  2. Has anybody else experienced a similiar situation?
  3. Did my friend to the right thing, by interrupting the interview and leaving?
  4. What are your thoughts on this whole issue?

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