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Buyers of Foreclosed Homes May Be Eligible for Downpayment Assistance

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Foreclosure Injustice

Foreclosure Injustice

Can you believe people considering the purchase of a home in the city of Atlanta may be eligible for up to $25,000 in down payment.

I had to read this sentence several times, because I could not believe what I read … and believe me I still can’t.

I am actually shaking from anger about this.

How about the give this money to the people who owned the house in the first place. With $25,000 I could have stayed in my house for another year at least, during which time I probably would have found work again and resume making my regular payments and did not have to put my house up for (short?)-sale
Something is wrong with this picture.
Where is the fairness in all of this. This is just outrageous.

It makes me so mad.

I made my payments on time almost a year after being laid off, due to downsizing and having been with the company for over 20 years. 3 month into being unemployed and no new job in sight I called the mortgage company to negotiate the terms and maybe lower my payments until I would find a new job. They told me, since I am current with my payments they would not do anything for me. I tried this a few more times in the following months, with the same result. Then when finally the point came that I could not make my payments anymore and I called I was turned down because my income was not sufficient. And now somebody else gets help to buy my house. Does anybody understand the logic behind that? I for sure don’t. Where is the justice in this?
If anybody can explain that to me I would appreciate it.
What do we need to do to get fairness in this country?

Foreclosure Injustice

Foreclosure Injustice

Homeowners and soon to-be ex-homeowners unite and stand up and fight this injustice.


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