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US Government is living in a dream world

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Cost of living going down?

Cost of Living

Cost of Living

What planet does our government live on?

I was just grocery shopping yesterday and I got some nasty surprises.

There is an item (at this time I will not single out a particular brand and product, since it is representative across the board) we buy regularly. It used to cost (Sept. 2009) for a 7.0 ounce package $4.59. Yesterday I bought the same item in the same store. The package was sized down to 3.5 ounces but the price was $3.99. For the one challenged in math, like our government that is an increase in cost of $2.44 (half the amount should be only $2.55) or over 100%. Same is happening with many other products. Less product but higher cost.



And by the way – the 7.0 ounce package was not available anymore. Something is wrong with this picture.


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