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American Airlines to charge for front-row seats – Yahoo! News

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Somehow they screw themselves. Lets take the first 2 rows of a 757. That is 12 seats. Now let’s assume nobody buys these seats. within the specified time period. I assume that after between 49 minutes before departure and departure these seats are available free of charge. At $30 a seat they would not make the additional $360. The 757 can carry 228 passengers. Taking the lost $360 and distribute them on 228 seats, this would be $1.58 per seat/passenger. Assuming again that the flight is never booked to the last seat > Would it not make more sense to raise the prize of all seats by $2 and have a guaranteed income, no matter whether somebody sits in this seat or not? I think a $2 or even $2.50 higher fare would hurt nobody and it improves customer satisfaction, because nobody feels like being taken.
Am I alone with this or this make sense to anybody else?


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