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We need real bike paths for real bike transportation | Grist

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Separation between bike path and pedestrian walkways has been around in Germany as long as I can think back. I remember riding to school on my bicycle for about 5km of which about one third was dedicated bike path.
It is the law in Germany that if there is no bike path available, bikes must use streets and roads. At no time is a bike allowed on a pedestrian walkway (except small kids with very small bikes).There are some multi purpose pathways to, but not too many. On these pathways, bike riders and pedestrians share the same responsibilities and depending on the situation either one could be in fault. In the above article the young woman jogging would have been most likely at fault, because of 2 issues. First wearing headphones, which may not allow her to hear any verbal warnings and secondly turning left without first making sure that it was ok to turn left.


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